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Lands End Airport

Airspace change proposal

Land’s End Airport is proposing to implement a new Global Navigation Satellite system (GNSS) for approach procedures for each of the four main runways.

GNSS will enable suitable equipped aircraft to fly an instrument approach without the need for ground based navigation aids and enable aircraft to potentially land in lower visibility and cloud conditions.

The owner of Land’s End Airport, the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company (ISSC) has been providing lifeline services between the mainland and the islands for nearly 100 years. Air services from Land’s End Airport are now the most important year- round link between the mainland and the Isles of Scilly.

The airport is consulting on this because:

  1. The proposal for the GNSS represents the final stages of a major investment programme to make year-round air services more resilient for the benefits of the island community and visitors
  2. Improving the reliability of existing services and not about stimulating new traffic over and above what would otherwise use the airport
  3. It is consistent with UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) policy regarding the future implementation of new navigation technology.

To download the full consultation document, please click on the pdf link below. If you require the document in a different format please call the Airport Manager on 01736 788771

Download PDF

Consultation feedback

The consultation process has now finished. To review the consultation summary document please click here